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Our Story

We are a family owned and operated business out of Guthrie, Oklahoma, building tiny homes with a passion for craftsmanship and integrity.

With well over a decade of experience in construction and remodel, we had long hoped for an opportunity to begin working from home, where we also enjoy spending time with the animals and gardens on our hobby farm. When we heard of the tiny house movement back in 2017, we knew we had found the answer and our first tiny home on wheels was born! The decision to go tiny was also motivated by the discovery of a new building material that is manufactured here in Oklahoma.

What makes our homes unique?

We build with fiberglass SIPs (Structural Insulative Panels), a revolutionary new material that has multiple advantages when building tiny homes on wheels. 

1. Efficiency. Due to lack of thermal bridging in the solid foam panels, the efficiency of these homes is off the charts compared to a conventional wall of the same thickness! We even use a panel for the floor of the home, so the usual problems created by thermal bridging from the trailer are completely negated. 

2. Structural integrity. When a house is built on a trailer, the structural strength is even more important. These panels connect with a rigidity that is rated to withstand CAT5 hurricane winds! The impact and fire resistance is also impressive. 

3. Lightweight. We build the lightest tiny homes on the market, and these panels are what makes it possible. We can cut the weight of a finished home by almost 50% compared to a traditionally built tiny home on wheels of the same size! 

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Meet Us

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owner + manager

Brian is the patriarch of the Russell clan and head of Cornerstone. Aside from his construction and remodel expertise, he is passionate about regenerative agriculture, his cows, and spending time with his family. 

Cornerstone About Us-001.jpg


head of design + carpentry

Blaine is the primary designer for Cornerstone Tiny Homes. He finds satisfaction in making every inch, and less, count. He also loves photography, gardening and permaculture design, and his lovely wife. 

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