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Design & Build

our process

1. Contact

The first step toward owning your Cornerstone home is as simple as a  phone call! Fill out our questionnaire and contact us via our email form - we will give you a call to discuss details!

2. Design & Quote

Next, we will start your custom design! We don't sell cookie-cutter models, so you get an all original home - designed in 3D - that reflects your specific needs! If you decide not to build with us, we charge a flat rate design and quote fee of $1,000. If you do, the cost is already included in the quote.

3. Contract

Have you approved your design? Next we need to get your home on our shop calendar! We will send you the final contract and an invoice for a 30% down payment. As soon as that is complete, your project will officially begin!

4. Framing

Two weeks away from your scheduled build date, we will send your second invoice for 30% of the total. Once it is received, we can begin construction! This is when the walls go up and your home takes shape!

5. Exterior

Once the framing is complete, we will finish out the exterior of your home! This will include windows, trim, paint, hardware, and other details. Once it is complete, the third payment of 30% will be due.

6. Interior

Now we are on to the last stage of construction! Cabinets, flooring, hardware, paint, and appliances will be completed inside. Your home is ready to move in!

This is when we require the final payment of the remaining balance.

7. Shipping

Lastly, we will arrange shipping for you and put you in contact with the delivery service. No worries - they will safely and affordably deliver your home and take care of any necessary permits.


Parking, financing, insurance - these are very common questions. Please check out our blogs on these topics if you would like to learn more! If you still have any unresolved questions or concerns, please send us an email and we will do our best to help!

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