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Parking Your Tiny Home on Wheels

Tiny houses on wheels (or any other type of modular/mobile housing, such as tiny homes on skids) present some incredible opportunities. Traveling, selling, and moving them for any other reason is easier in many ways. But that leaves the question – where and how do I park one?

We have a few suggestions - and resources - that you might find helpful.

1. Tiny home communities

While it may seem straightforward, this option is often overlooked, but is steadily becoming more feasible as the movement grows and communities begin to spring up in more locations. They often offer additional amenities that might be tempting! While there are more of them in locations such as California, Colorado, and Texas, we encourage you to check your locality and see what comes up! There just may be something closer to you than you think.

Often they will require third party certification, such as RVIA or NOAH. Cornerstone Tiny Homes is a NOAH certified builder.

Want to find a local tiny home community? Check out this new but growing online directory!

2. RV parks

RV parks may not seem as ideal, but many of them are starting to come around to the idea of tiny homes – it’s worth checking! Many of them also offer some pretty extended rentals, usually more fitting for tiny house dwellers (for short term rentals, you could also consider campgrounds). They also often require a third party certification.

3. Cities that allow ADUs

While many cities make it very difficult to park a tiny home in their municipality, Accessory Dwelling Units are a loophole that is also rising in popularity across the nation, and often tiny houses are included in the definition for ADUs. Check out this article for a list of cities that allow ADUs:

4. Rural land

Of course, while it may be difficult to move a tiny home into your hometown, renting or buying a rural lot is usually the easiest way to find parking for your tiny home without dealing with restrictions and regulations that may come with the above options. Even if land is expensive to purchase in your area, consider contacting large landowners such as farmers or ranchers and inquiring as to availability of a small rental lot. This could also open up the opportunity for full or partial rental payment by offering assistance with chores or services. You never know what you might find!

Tiny home parking can be a challenge to locate, but with a little creativity and legwork – and the slow but sure growth of familiarity with the tiny house movement – you will be sure to find a solution. Perhaps even a solution that is not on this list! Please leave a comment and tell us what you have figured out or ask any questions you might have!

Also check out this Facebook group for land hosting/rent, tiny house rentals, and other related resources!

You might also want to check out this article on tiny home financing and insurance. The Cornerstone team wishes you the best of luck as you head out on your tiny house journey!

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Terence McKinney
Terence McKinney
Jul 22, 2021

Great post. You folks address the hurdles and benefits of going down the tiny house road really thoroughly. Curious, though, since your best innovation and among your best selling point is the SIPS and resulting lightness, do you ever design from the angle of one of your homes serving as a truly mobile home, in the traveling RV sense? All kind of hurdles with that, of course. Because what you're building is an actual home built like a home, not with typically substandard materials for the sake of cost, I would think yours would be among the first tiny houses I'd ever consider doing something like that with. I think of your 7,000lb house, for example. I would think tha…

Blaine Russell
Blaine Russell
Sep 03, 2021
Replying to

Hey Terence! Great question! Yes, we think that with intentional design for that end it would be a great alternative to the cheaper versions found in RVs. the panels could even be used to create some more aerodynamic exterior designs if that was the intention during the design process.

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